Netseps is your premier source for color accurate high end t-shirt color separations.  Since 1989 we’ve produced well over 50,000 color separations for our own print operations as well as for clients in 41 countries. What makes us different from other separation services is the extensive knowledge and experience of printing our own separations as well as working closely with several thousand clients of all experience levels. Our sister company Coudray Serigraphics has been printing four color process and sim process since 1973. This was long before desktop publishing and electronic prepress. We have our roots in old school lith film, rubylith masking, and hand opaqued negatives.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t kept up. In fact, many of the common practices used in the industry today were invented here.  Our experience goes way beyond color separations. Over the years we’ve been involved in the development of meshes, frames, inks, and printing presses, not to mention dozens of workflow and printing techniques. This is one of the reasons we have the reputation we do. It’s about the rubber hitting the road. Actual printing experience with thousands of companies just like yours.

We’ve been down the road you’re on and know what lies ahead. That’s why you’ll  find so many educational resources here. We can show you the way to print virtually anything  you can imagine. If your tech skills, aren’t quite there yet, no worries. Our owner, Mark Coudray has taught tens of thousands of printers all over the world over the last 40 years. Most of the award winning printers today were either students or were influenced by Mark’s work over the years.

Unlike automated Photoshop action-driven programs, NetSeps is powered by sophisticated stand alone software that goes well beyond what Photoshop can deliver.  When you combine  extensive printing experience with sophisticated separation software you get color accurate separations. NetSeps color separations are  based on the inks you’ll actually be using, and corrected for your individual printing conditions.

When your clients demand color accurate to the original art,  on any color background, NetSeps is your solution. Take a few minutes to visit our site. You’ll find valuable information as well as tutorials and more.