NetSeps Express Separations 

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Rocket Seps are delivered in 24 hours  or less (excluding weekends and holidays.) They work best with noncritical color images. Noncritical color means there are no specific color matches, reference colors, or memory colors in the image. These types of images are often referred to as “pleasing color” images. Examples would be sunsets, beach scenes, athletic scenes, cartoon images, and images with digital transparency in them.

Images for Economy Separations would not contain fleshtones, food, company logos, any famous or well known image, product shots, photography, and branded images. When specific color matching is required, choose either TruColor Separations or High End Custom separations.

Please choose from the available color sets. If you need specific colors in the separation choose the TruColor Separation type. No additional color correction is included in the Express Separation offering. You will also receive a complete Print Specification Sheet with the separation so you can choose mesh, print order, and squeegee profile.

NetSeps TruColor Separations

You pay a single price per processed separation, regardless the number of colors in your final separation or the physical size of the file. This helps you to accurately predict your color separation costs.

NetSeps customers are charged based on your Annual Account History. We look back on how many separations you have purchased in the last year and charge accordingly. You pay one price per separation, regardless of the number of colors in the finished file.

The pricing includes the basic separation and up to 25 post separation color corrections. Almost all high end separations require some post separation color correction. The most common correction is adjustment to the Underbase White or the Highlight White to make sure the image works as planned on various colored garments. The second most common cause results from synthetic blends created in vector programs rendering improperly. If more than 25 color corrections are required, each additional correction is $1.00. If more than 25 corrections are necessary, you will be notified in advance of the work.

• $120.00 USD for 1 separation per year,
• $99.00 USD for 2 – 9 separations in the last year,
• $75.00 USD for more than 10 separations in the past year

As long as you use 10 or more separations in the previous year period, you will always be paying $70.00 USD per separation. This rewards regular customers for their continued business. Ordering on a regular basis will guarantee either $70.00 or $95.00 per separation, depending on how many you purchase.

Finished separations are delivered via the Internet as a completed file in psd format. You also receive a completed pdf Print Specification Sheet which is readable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from The two files are zipped and uploaded to our servers where you have access to them for download.

Payment Processing

We now use PayPal as our funds clearing agent. You can establish a free PayPal account linked to your bank account or credit card, or you can still use any of the major credit cards we support. You DO NOT need a Pay Pal account to work with us. We use PayPal as our payment processor because of their incredible security and the fact they have over 100 million accounts worldwide, more than any other payment processor.

We have made this change because of increasing Internet fraud. In the past we have stored sensitive personal and financial information on our Secure Servers. This has worked well and we have NEVER had an instance of the servers being compromised. With the switch to PayPay, we no longer store any of this information online where it might be vulnerable to hackers, virus, Trojan horse programs, or any other illegal means which could possibly compromise your security and personal information.

During our annual audit and review of our business practices, we determined PayPal offers higher levels of security and reliability than our past methods. For this reason, we have moved to PayPal in an effort to continue offering you the safest, most secure, and best payment processing option available.

When a job is completed, you will receive an email notification from us. There will be a link to the PayPal page where you can enter your information and pay for your file. Upon authorization, you will be directed to a download page to retrieve your finished file.

Once a file has been paid for, it will remain accessible on the servers for approximately 21 days. After that time, it will be archived to DVD and will require an Archive Search Retrieval if you need a duplicate copy of the file.

Only current agents for your company will be allowed to access archived information. We will never release files to anyone other than current, active personnel from your firm. This means former employees or customers cannot contact us for previously done work on your behalf.